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The mission of BossLab is to open scientific exploration to all & to help solve problems we face on Earth.


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DIYbio is a global community. Use the forum here to find folks interested in the same things as you.

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Use Meetup to find events happening this summer @BossLab, and the greater Boston-Bio Community

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5 minutes from the Red Line, Davis Sq. Based in Somerville, MA in a sweet hackspace, Sprout.

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Active Projects

BlueGene Indigo via Biosynthesis

Indigo has been coveted for two thousands years since the Greeks discovered it could be extracted from sea snails. In 2013, Avery Louie looks to continue the innovation in how we obtain this ancient dye, through DNA technology.


Cyanobacteria Challenge Bringing the challenge of BioFuels to Open-Source

We host the experiment, you create the conclusion. Participate in synthetic biology by building code and analysis that will help turn algae into an open-source biofuel.

Tree of Life in progress for Burning Man 2014

What happens when you get together a team of crazy folks from Creative Commons, Harvard Universtiy, and the Open Design Network? Find out in this Art-meets-Science project happening this summer @BOSSlab